Cohort 23 - Methods of Computer Science

Summer 2024

Dates Activity
Computer Science as a K-12 discipline
  Overview and Objectives
Welcome Video
June 10 Computer Science vs. Computer Literacy/Fluency
June 11 The CS Framework
June 12 The CS Standards for Students
June 13 Understanding CS Education in Iowa
June 14 Competency Demo (Due in Blackboard by 6/16)
Methods for teaching CS
  Overview and Objectives
Weekly Overview video
June 17 CS Specific Teaching Methods, readings
June 18 CS Specific Teaching Methods, writings
June 19 Connecting Standards to teaching methods
June 20 Connecting Good Practices to teaching methods
June 21 Competency Demo (Due 6/23)
Curriculum Design
  Overview and Objectives
June 24 Curriculum Design and Grading, readings
June 25 and 26 Initial Course Design Document (Counts as a CD. You should have this with you at the CoP on Friday)
June 27 Considering existing curriculum
June 28 CoP #1 - CS Standards for Teachers and initial group meetings
CS Professionalism
  Overview and Objectives
July 1 The CS Standards for Teachers
July 2 CSTA
July 3 Educator Resources
July 4 and 5 Holiday
Course Design Project
  Overview and Objectives
Project explanation video
July 8-12 Project: Audience and Outcomes (Includes Individual CD)
July 12 CoP #2
July 15-19 Project: Overall Assessment and Schedule (Includes Individual CD)
July 22-26 Project: Sample Learning Activities and Lessons (Includes Individual CD)
July 29 - Aug 2 Project: Sample Assessment and Grading Policies (Includes Individual CD)
Aug 2 CoP #3 - Your Team's Final Design Project is Presented