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E. Maldonado and M.W. Roth, “Direct two – phase numerical simulation of snowdrift remediation using three – dimensional deflection fins”, to appear, J. App. Fluid Mech., 6 (1) (2013). abstract

M.W. Roth, M.K. Balasubramanya, MP. Bergmann, M. Karl, M.J. Connolly and Paul A. Gray, "Predicted anomalous behavior of C60 fullerenes on graphite at low temperature: a new hindered cooperative rotational transition",
J. Theor. Comp. Nanosci. 8 (1-5) 2011. abstract 

L. Firlej, B. Kuchta, M.W. Roth, and C. Wexler, “Molecular Simulations of Intermediate and Long Alkanes Adsorbed on Graphite:  Tuning of Non-Bond Interactions”, J. Mol. Modeling 

(published on line (2010) abstract

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Mol. Sim. 36, (4), 326 – 333 (2010); doi:10.1080/08927020903437839. abstract

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24 (21), 12392–12397, 2008. abstract

 “The adsorption structures of C60 on graphite and Al(111)” H. Shin, K. Pussi, H. I. Li, R. D. Diehl, M. Karl, M.K. Balasubramanya, M.J. Connolly, and M.W. Roth

9th International Conference on the Structure of Surfaces, Salvadore, Brazil, August 3 – 8, 2008. abstract

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Peter Pfeifer et al., "High-surface-area biocarbons for reversible on-board storage of natural gas and hydrogen",  Invited paper in: Life Cycle Analysis 
for New Energy Conversion and Storage Systems, eds. V.M. Fthenakis, A.C. Dillon, and N. Savage, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 1041

M.J. Connolly,
M.W. Roth, Carlos Wexler and Paul A. Gray, "Explicit hydrogen molecular dynamics simulations of hexane deposited onto graphite at
various coverages",
Langmuir 24, 3228 (2008). abstract

M.K. Balasubramanya, M.W. Roth , P. Tilton and B.Suchy, Molecular dynamics simulations of noble gas release from endohedral fullerene
aggregates due to cage disintegration, 
J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci. 5, 627–634 (2008)abstract

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C.L. Pint, M.W. Roth and Carlos Wexler, “Behavior of Hexane on Graphite at Near-Monolayer Coverages; Molecular Dynamics study,” selected for the 
Virtual Journal of
Nanoscale Science and Technology, 13(10), (2006). abstract

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C.L. Pint and Michael W. Roth, “Simulation Study of Confinement Effects on the Melting Transition in Hexane and Decane Monolayers Between 
Two Graphite Slabs”, Mater. Res. Symp. Proc. paper #0899-N07-21 (2005) . abstract

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W. Even and M.W. Roth, “A new method for simulating the effects of collisions on planets”, Am. J. Undergrad. Res. 1(3) , 1 (2002). abstract

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R.D. Etters, M.W. Roth and B. Kuchta, “Calculated melting behavior of partial and complete N2  monolayers deposited on graphite”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 25, 3140 (1990). abstract


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