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Classnet--This is where you go to submit forecasts.


Class notes for the PowerPoint slides:

Chapter 1 Notes

Cloud Notes

Chapter 2 Notes Part I

Chapter 2 Notes Part II

Weather Maps Notes

Chapter 3 Notes Part I

Chapter 3 Notes Part II

Chapter 4 Notes Part I

Chapter 4 Notes Part II

Chapter 5 Notes Part I

Chapter 5 Notes Part II

Chapter 6 Notes Part I

Chapter 6 Notes Part II

Chapter 7 Notes Part I

Chapter 7 Notes Part II

Chapter 8 Notes

Chapter 9 Notes Part I

Chapter 9 Notes Part II

Chapter 10 Notes Part I

Chapter 10 Notes Part II

Lightning and Tornado Safety Notes

Chapter 11 Notes

Links to Cloud sites:

Wolkenatlas--German site with tons of pictures of clouds (with their names identified) and other atmospheric sights

Cool Clouds For Kids of All Ages--Clouds that look like other things (includes the bunny cloud)


Links to Weather Sites shown in class:

UNI Earth Science--Current weather conditions on UNI campus and info about the Dept. of Earth Science

NWS Main Site--From here you can navigate to many kinds of info from the National Weather Service

NWS Radar--Current and animated Doppler radar from the National Weather Service

NWS Model Forecast Products--Forecasts from many computer models in text or map form: "One-Stop MOS"

NCEP Model Analyses and Guidance--When new model runs come in, this site gets them first: Good for precip forecasts

RAP site--All kinds of weather maps and data

NEXLAB--I mainly show Numerical Models from here in class, but you can get much more than that here

Storm Prediction Center--Severe weather outlooks and Tornado/Severe T-storm Watches, graphics and text

National Hurricane Center--The latest updates and forecasts for tropical systems in the Atlantic and Pacific

Iowa Winter Roads Report--When winter weather is occurring, go here to see if travel is safe on the main Iowa highways

Quick Look Form--Weather data in text form instead of map form

ISU Weather Page--All kinds of weather maps and data, including the Iowa Mesonet